A recipe from my childhood. Breakfast might be my favorite meal of the day to cook, but then again I’m not exactly sure. Fora traditional recipe of eggs in a nest chow.com offers a wonderful recipe. We all know there is nothing traditional about what I am cooking in a shotgun shack. So, on that note let’s get cooking.

Food & Prices 

(From Edward’s Shop N’ Save)

Eggs – $1.95

Honey Wheat Bread – $2.50

Swiss Cheese Singles – $2.89


Total – $7.34



1. Heat skillet to medium heat and add butter.

2. While pan is heating up cut a half-dollar size hole in the middle of one slice of bread. Keep the bread hole. Do not throw out or eat.

3. Once the pan has heated up place the slice of bread in the pan and the bread hole as well.

4. Then, crack the egg in the middle of the hole. Wait till the bottom of the egg has turned white and flip.

5. Once flipped, lower heat, add cheese and let melt for about 2-3 minutes. Then serve and eat!


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Eggs in a nest is a great way to serve breakfast when supplies are short. Instead of trying to make egg sandwiches which typically uses two eggs, two slices of bread, and cheese you only use one slice of bread, one egg, and cheese. As far as cooking on the Tiki man goes, it’s as easy as it sounds, but like anything has small complications. For example, trying to cook all sides of the bread even is rather difficult. For one, heat on the stove top is not even in all spots. So, cooking a stir fry is fine because you are constantly stirring and all the contents gets evenly cooked. When bread is placed on the pan to fry one edge will burn while the other has barely cooked. Another reason is the skillet does not sit perfectly level on the stove. So, this increases heat in certain areas. Which also, obviously leads to uneven pieces of bread. Luckily, after dealing with this a couple of times I’ve learned how to avoid burnt toast, but it takes grace and a little patience. Once the egg is cracked and in the bread wait till the egg yolk gets white (in a hot pan this doesn’t take very long). As soon as it turns white gently scope up the piece of bread on the spatial and rotate at a 180 degree angle. Then, let the egg cook a little longer and flip. Once, you flip your egg in a nest repeat this process for the opposite side so both sides are evenly cooked. Finally, once the cheese has melted serve your delicious egg in a nest that is not burnt, but evenly browned on all sides! Let’s not forget about the bread holes I told you not throw away or eat. Well, if you’re like me and like your eggs slightly runny than you will greatly appreciate this small piece of bread. While you are frying your little eggs in a nest toss those small pieces on and fry them to your pleasure. When all is said and done the bread holes are great for soaking up the runny yoke you have left behind. Bon appetit!