A recipe from my mom. Thank you mom! The classic tuna melt is made with cheddar cheese, tuna mixed with mayo, onions, and celery. Starkist.com has a wonderful classic tuna melt recipe. I have always had a love for tuna. I was a vegetarian for six years and since then it’s been hard for me to eat meat, but seafood is a different story. After I gave up being a vegetarian I’ve turned to fish and seafood for the main source of protein in  my diet.

Food & Costs

Honey Wheat Bread – $2.50

2 Cans of Tuna – $0.87 each

Mayo – Donated my by lovely roommate

Swiss Cheese Singles – $2.89

Total – $7.13


1. Heat skillet to medium heat. Add butter

2. While pan is heating up make tuna salad. Draining cans of tuna. Empty tuna into a bowl and add mayo. Spice to taste. I just added salt and pepper.

3. Prepare sandwiches, add cheese and tuna to bread and place in the skillet.

4. Flip tuna melt when one side is golden to medium brown in color.

5. Once both sides are brown serve and enjoy!


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First off, it’s really hard to make tuna salad when you don’t have a bowl. So, to make up for our lack of bowls in the house I used a red solo cup and it worked just as well. To prepare the sandwiches, before they were grilled, I used a nice piece of cardboard. Grilling the tuna melts was the best part. Keeping in mind the 180 degree rotation while they are cooking so you don’t get a half burnt, half uncooked sandwich. No one likes a cold tuna melt. Really, the whole point of this sandwich to have delicious tuna salad between two warm buttery pieces of toast and melted cheese. When I was a kid my mother use to make them for me and she would cook in a tomato as well. I would have liked to cook in a tomato with these tuna melts, but I did not get the chance this time around. So, next time I will look forward to having a tomato in my sandwich. Maybe I’ll even get a little crazy and invest in some bowls for the house.