You can wrap just about anything in a tortilla. This week I chose beef, peppers, garlic, and cheese. Traditionally. burritos are flour tortillas rolled with rice, beans, and meat inside. The history of how burritos came to be is extremely unclear so I could not find a definite ‘who’ or ‘where’. There are many stories circulating around the inter-webs, but who knows which one is accurate.

Food & Costs

(From Edwards Shop N’ Save)

Ground Beef – $4.52

Green Bell Pepper – $1.25

Taco Seasoning -$0.79

9 inch Flour Tortillas -$1.77

Sharp Cheddar – Donated by my roommate.

Garlic – $0.69

Total – $9.02


1. Warm pan to medium heat. While pan is heating slice peppers and garlic.

2. Once pan is hot put in beef and garlic. Make sure to break beef into smaller pieces. Cover and let sit for 5-10 minutes.

3. After 5-10 minutes place green peppers in and cover again.

4. Once the meat is done add the taco seasoning, and stir.

5. Add your freshly cooked filling to an open tortilla and add fixtures such as salsa, sour cream, and guacamole as desired.

6. Last, but not least fold the tortilla how ever your please. There is no right or wrong way, but just know more often times than none you will end up wearing your burritos if not wrapped carefully.


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The best part of this recipe is wrapping the tortillas. After many times of wearing my burritos and watching others do the same I’ve finally found a way. Well, actually two ways to be exact. One, fold the sides of the burritos against the long end of the filling. Then, roll the burritos tightly the opposite way so both ends become folded in to prevent leaks. A second way is to roll up the burritos so both ends are loose then, fold the bottom end up and keep that end held and eat. This way also ensures no spilling or leaking. I would also like to touch on beef grease that is usually poured out and thrown away. Well, honestly I don’t. You heard right, I leave the fatty juices in the beef and add the seasoning. You are probably a little grossed out, but when living ‘off the grid’ it’s hard to dispose of these things properly. When I was a child my mother would drain the fat into a can, let it solidify and then toss it in the trash. Now, it’s hard for me to do that because at the shotgun shack it’s not often you come across a container that is not in use. An alternative may be to go out and dump it in the woods, but not matter how far the grease is dumped it always attracts critters of all sorts towards the house. Also, it keeps you warm during these cold winter months in Maine especially now that our fire wood is running out.