So, you may think of these little cream cheese filled, deep-fried puffs as Chinese cuisine, but you are mistaken. Crab Rangoon’s were created at Trader Vic’s in San Francisco during the early 1950’s. The original recipe was made with cream cheese, crab meat, A-1 sauce, garlic powder, egg yolk, and won ton wraps. This week I choose to tackle cooking Crab Rangoon’s on the Tiki man because of my love for deep-fried foods and crab meat.

Food & Costs

(From Edward’s Shop N’ Save)

1 Package Cream cheese – $1.79

Vegetable oil – $2.39

16oz Sour cream – $1.50

1 Bulb of Garlic – $0.69

Won Ton wraps -$2.49

Total – $8.86


1. In a bowl, add cream cheese and sour cream. Make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature before mixing. Other wise, you are going to be stirring for a while.

2. Once the mixture comes to a smooth consistency add chopped garlic(LOTS OF IT!), sliced crab meat, additional spices, and stir. For additional spices I added lemon pepper, onion powder, black pepper, salt, and a small amount of crushed red pepper.

3. Now it’s time to wrap ’em up! You’ll need a small bowl of water(for sealing the won ton wraps) and a large plate. Watch this video to learn how to fold the Rangoon’s.


4. While you fold your Rangoon’s take a moment to heat up a skillet to medium heat with about an inch of oil.

5. Once the pan is hot enough place Rangoon in and wait till one side is golden brown. Flip and repeat.

6. Finally, set aside to cool and serve with a sweet and sour sauce.


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The key to making Crab Rangoon’s is getting the cream cheese at room temperature. No matter how you do it, this will make the prepping process a lot easier. If you fail to warm the cream cheese and its left cold to mix I wish you the best of luck. It’s incredibly time consuming to beat the cream cheese to a smooth consistency. The longest process is wrapping the Rangoon’s, you want to spend time on this. My first time making Rangoon’s I learned very quickly to seal each wrap to the best of my ability. When not sealed properly and placed in hot oil the filling leaks causing hot oil to splatter all over. Also, most of the filling will be lost and you end up with a half empty Rangoon and no one wants that. Some more words of advice -leave yourself enough space- this will make prepping an lot easier. Overall, I find Crab Rangoon’s an easy and enjoyable appetizer to cook. It would also be a great activity for the children of your family or for any age.