Delicious! This time around I wanted to recreate  an authentic Italian recipe. Recreating bruschetta was the right idea. I found this recipe on the Delallo website among many other delicious looking recipes. Bruchetta is an Italian dish usually served as an appetizer, to learn more check out Culture Discovery. I put a twist of my own on this recipe by using a french baguette instead of an Italian loaf.

Ingredients & Prices

(From Belfast Co op)

French Baguette – $3.19

Basil Pesto – $4.39

1 Large tomato $0.79

1 Jar of Artichokes – $3.89

Feta Cheese – $2.90

Total – $15.16


1. Heat skillet to medium heat, add olive oil. While pan is heating cut slice of bread 1 inch thick and chop garlic.

2. Once pan is hot add slices of bread. Add chopped garlic too, but keep a close eye on the garlic so it doesn’t burn.

3. Flip slices of bread until both sides are golden brown.

4. Once fully cooked, remove from stove top.

5. While the bread is cooling add fixings, chopped garlic goes first, than add a thin slice of tomato, artichoke, crumbles of feta, and a splash of pesto.

6. Leave the bruchetta to finish cooling down for about 5 minutes or so then serve and enjoy!


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To all who read this: You must make these bruchettas! They are like small bites of heaven. The only problem I ran into while preparing the bruchettas is trying to find the right mix of tomato, artichoke, pesto, and feta. What is the proper mix that everyone will enjoy? Luckily, my roommates are not picky when it comes to food. I’m not saying they are garbage disposals, but they are definitely not your traditional snobby food critic either. The wonderful benefit of cooking for this blog and having roommates is the so politely offered constructive criticism upon request. Upon that request I found any mix of tomato, artichoke, feta, and pesto is delicious. Unless, of course, you have a preference in which case that should be discussed before hand. Besides the ‘perfect mix’ dilemma the bruschettas went well. Preparation was easy, grill each slice of baguette and add your fixings! Oh! Don’t forget the garlic! Remember: There is never too much garlic!