Bacon, lettuce, and tomato who knew how simply delicious a sandwich could be? So, I feel as if the BLT does not need much of an introduction, but since I am nothing short of an avid perfectionist I’ll be happy give you one anyway. So, the actual name of this sandwich ‘BLT’ has no known founder, you could say it just happened. How the sandwich came about however is known; the BLT was a product of the late Victorian-era and was originally a sandwich that was eaten with tea (Olver). Anyway, on to the more important part of this post.


(All purchased from Edward’s Shop N’ Save)

Iceberg Lettuce – $1.99

Locally Grown Tomatoes – $2.99/lb

1 lb Bacon – $3.49

Mayonnaise 32 oz – $2.99

100% Whole Wheat Bread – $2.50

Total – $13.96


1. Saute entire pound of bacon on medium heat until done according to your preference.

2. While bacon is cooking slice tomato, lettuce, and toast slices of bread.

3. When bacon is finished, let cool only for a short time! You don’t want your bacon to be cold!

4. Finally, lather both slices of bread with mayonnaise and pile on the bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Enjoy!


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Other than wholesome deliciousness of such a simple sandwich, and the little to no time it takes to prepare the comments should be saved for enjoyment, but I do have to complain about one ingredient in particular: bread. I t recently has blown my mind how many loaves of bread in the supermarket contain enriched flour. The next time you find yourself picking out a loaf bread I would like you to take the time and look at the ingredients labels of all the bread that look appetizing to you. I guarantee that 99.9% of those loaves of bread you pick up will contain enriched flour and the first ingredient will be enriched flour. You might be asking ‘what’s so bad about enriched flour? Well, for starters it sounds like it should be good for you, ‘its enriched‘ well yeah, but with what exactly? Not vitamins and minerals that for sure. the enriching process is when some minerals and vitamins are extracted for a better texture and longer shelf life (Davis). This lack of nutrients and god knows what else is put into the enriched flour can all be avoided by purchasing 1005 whole wheat which always contains 100% whole wheat flour.

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