French toast isn’t so french. This meal can be traced back as early as ancient Roman times when cooks had to use every last scrap of food. Traditionally, french toast was made with stale bread, dipped in a milk and egg mixture fried in oil. So, french toast has had all different names and still does for example, American toast, German toast, etc. French toast has been a staple in my breakfast foods since I was a kid, especially on the weekends. The weekends were when my family got together and every Sunday morning there would be french toast of some kind waiting for my two brothers and I when we awoke. This meal is also significant for me because it was the one meal my mother cooked to perfection every time.

Ingredients ( Hannaford’s

100% Whole Wheat Bread – $2.50

2 Cans of Peaches – $1.25

2 Half Pints of Raspberries – $3.99 each

1/2 Gallon of MOO Milk – $3.69

1/2 Dozen of Eggs – $1.95

Total – $13.38


1. Bring sauce pan to medium to low heat. Cut peaches into small chunks and put in sauce pan. Let the peaches cook for about 5-10 minutes. While peaches are cooking put all the raspberries in a bowl and mash until they have a puree consistency or just use a blender. After the peaches have cooked add raspberries together and turn heat to low. Let simmer.

2. Place a frying pan on the stove to medium heat and add butter.

3.Then, beat all six eggs in a bowl and add a small amount milk. Add spices to taste cinnamon, and vanilla extract go very well with french toast.

4. Dip bread in egg and milk mixture and place in frying pan. Flip each piece when bottoms are golden brown.

5. When done frying place on a plate and pour the warmed peach and raspberry chutney over. Enjoy!





At first, frying the bread was difficult; I added way too much milk in with the eggs. So, the bread would not fry right because it was too saturated in milk so it burnt and stuck to the pan. What a mess! Be careful not to make that mistake or you’ll just end up wasting bread unless you enjoy the strange combination of mushy and burnt. Another small problem I ran into was peaches. Hannaford’s did not have fresh peaches, only the canned crap. Excuse my french, but really take a second to think about this. Hannaford’s sells kiwis and dragon fruits in the middle of the winter, but I can’t get a fresh peach? That’s a little strange. Anyway, the chutney was still delicious, warmed peaches and raspberries compliment each other really well. Although, I would have preferred fresh peaches I guess you just can’t ask more of your local supermarket than to carry dragon fruit in the middle of winter. Bon appetit!