This recipe I stumbled upon last summer when searching for something to make for dinner that wasn’t the ‘same old, same old’. I’m glad I stumbled upon this recipe for many reasons, but the main one being its easy to make and incredibly delicious. I encourage all to try out eggs in a hamburg nest. 


Eggs – $1.95

Hamburger Rolls – $2.00

Cabot White Cheddar Slices – $2.59

Ground Beef – $6.55

1 Large Tomato – $1.04

Total – $14.13


1. Heat skillet to medium heat. 

2.While stove is heating make hamburg patties and cut a yolk sized hole out of the patty. 

3. Place hamburg patty in pan and crack egg in center hole.

4. Wait until has whitened on the bottom and then flip very carefully. 

5. Once flipped place cheese over and when  melted serve. 


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These hamburgers were really hard to cook without a spatula. I don’t recommend trying either, although each burger was successful  it still was a challenge. I flipped each burger with a fork and a very odd utensil that had been lying around the house unused. While I was shopping for the ingredients I discovered Cabot White Cheddar Slices, not your typical sliced and packaged cheese. Instead it was delicious, each slice was thick and actually tasted like cheese. I recommend purchasing this cheese, especially when making hamburgers, of any kind. It makes each bite a small piece of heaven. Oh! and don’t forget the tomato!